This catalog contains a list of vintage songs written by Renford (Rennie) Cogle from which various artist either covered them or sing them in their originality. In either case, most of these songs made their way into a respectable position on Local or International Charts. Many recording companies participated in the production of these songs Recording companies like Treasure Isle Records, High Note Records, Beverleys Records just to name a few. The Publishing Rights for this catalog belongs to Universal Music Publishing Group located at 2100 Colorado Avenue Santa Monica CA 90404 USA.

– A  Day Seems So Long

– Any Heart Can Be Broken

– Build Me Up

– Cotton Candy (an instrumental version of Sweet Sensation )

– Survival

– Sweet Rose

– Sweet Sensation

– De Pon Di Wicked

This catalog represents the mastery of Renford (Rennie) Cogle switching from writing reggae music to classic R&B music with great success as displayed in the beautiful rendition of Coast To Coast by Mr. Joe Coleman, former lead singer of The Platters and the hit single Can You Feel It by Avis Williams aka Singing RN. All rights including PUBLISHING remain the sole property of Rennie Cogle Music.

– Dark Cloud

– Every Single Day

– Can You Feel It

– Coast To Coast

– Back To School

– In And Out Of Love

– Dancing Floor aka  Whose Heart Are You Breaking

– Better Get Use To