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News Letter for the week of Nov. 12

This week was a sort of slow, dreary kind of week. Since I am up in Connecticut which is north of my home Long Island it is a little colder then it is down there. I was shocked to walk to my car to head to class at 8am to notice it was only 30 degrees outside. I was shocked and so pissed off because my car was so far and the weather really hasn’t changed much all week. I dont really have any major plans for this week, just to go to six flags with a few of my friends. I am really excited to go because I have never been there before and its also fright fest also which is really cool. It is also alumni weekend this weekend also so all of the students who graduated 1 or 2 years ago come back up here to drink and hangout and hit a few bars down town. Its going to be a great weekend and im excited to finally get out of work to enjoy myself and put all of the stress of classes and homework to the side because the work is starting to really kick into gear. But what comes with heavy work, comes winter break which i am very excited about. I get to go home for a little over a month and be back with my family and dog. I may have to take some winter courses online but i will try my best to work with my friends again over at aboffs a few days per week, I am very excited and happy to see everyone again.


On Thursday, October 4, 2018, Avis Williams aka Singing Rn returned from an extended vacation in her native country of Jamaica. She spent the majority of her vacation in Manchester.S he was asked by Zircon Radio to describe her vacation to which she replied Splendid 100% enjoyable

Tony Roots aka Anthony Wallace left the USA on October 32018to attend his mother’s funeral at Swaby’s Hope in Manchester. The turn-out was massive

It is very unfortunate that I  have to report that the last surviving original member of the famous singing group The Melodians Trevor McNaughton is currently hospitalized in a Miami hospital  His wife Irene have Facebook information which can be accessed at your convenience. Prayers at a time like this can never be too much.