This section is dedicated to the memories of legendary reggae artist who have paved the  way for the astonishing success   of reggae music true out the world These  artists are considered as the pillars of success ,so their legacies so their legacies should not be tainted or smeared but be forever endeared treasured and will also act as a conduit to enable young artist whose dreams of becoming future reggae legends can derive the ingredients to propel them to the next level

Artist such as Gregory (Mr. Cool ) Isaacs, John Holt Phyllis Dillon    Delroy (You Keep On Running )Wilson Bob Marley Tenor Saw, Dennis Brown just to name a few will not be forgotten even if Rennie Cogle who chooses to honor these legends no longer exist their contribution to the reggae music industry will no doubt    be well documented  and available to the public. Following are images of legends who passed away and are sadly missed.

Dennis Ebanks aka Kala Morgan

Cogle family as delivered by Rennie Cogle on January 15, 2016. The mission on earth for Dennis  Ebanks (aka Kala Morgan) has been accomplished and so a soldier for the Lord will now join the angels in peace and tranquility. The good Lord bless me this morning because he let me see the rising sun so I will remain ever grateful to The Highest. We are gathered here this evening for this sad occasion. Some of us will cry some will wonder, while some of us might just might just stare in disbelief and total amazement. But one thing is certain that everyone who gathered here tonight will participate in this great man’s final journey on earth and to know that he will not be in our midst anymore also that he will be totally missed Many years have passed since I’ve known Kala Morgan from a Customs Officer in Jamaica to one of my best friend in America Kala Morgan actually watched my children as they grew up, imparting crucial advice and direction to them, which I think they still treasure up to this very day. None of my children are in the audience tonight in person because of uncontrollable circumstances but their thoughts and prayers are with us. His loving wife Debra of more than 30 years could not be a nicer person loving kind and considerate. Hopefully, the healing process will not be an extended one. I cannot list all the joy, laughter and great times that we had also his accomplishments because that would take a great deal of time. So to Debra and all existing relative both present and absent please accept special condolence from the Cogle family and my name is Rennie Cogle.
Brent Dowe
Tony Brevett
Tenor Saw
Phyllis Dillon
John Holt
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Delroy Wilson
Image resultAlton Ellis
Patricia Boothe: From Williamsfield Manchester, Jamaica
Trevor McNaughton: Last surviving member of the Melodians. Passed away on November 20th, 2018. Memorable hits include Sweet Sensation, Passion Love, Ring of Gold, Sweet Rose, Rock it with me. RIP, Trevor.
Norris Weir: Lead singer of the famous reggae group, The Jamaicans. Passed away this past Friday on November 16th, 2018. Ba Ba Boom, one of the more famous hits was the festival 5 winner. RIP, Norris.